Municipal orchestra

It is made up of children and adolescents from public schools and has the social objective of qualifying students including learning to read music, and with it, discover the vocation of children and form true musicians. Technical work, which requires more dedication, and that the medium and long term reveal great talent to the composition of the orchestra.

The orchestra teacher is the Maestro Benito Carlos Roque


Group of children and adolescents in public schools and that stands out for popular music repertoire, recently made several presentations: the Feast of Saint Kitts and Kids Praia Grande / SC, Dodge CTG Porteira the Faxinal, civic parade 7 of September, 1Th Meeting Motorhome, and trunks against the municipality of Forquilhinha. Fanfare in the musical education is the Maestro Geziel Souza Mota responsibility.

Coral Association of Praia Grande

The coral is formed by adults and was founded 22 years. He has led the music and the art of Choral Singing in four voices, events and meetings of the State of Santa Catarina and also from the Rio Grande do Sul State. The Maestro Regent coral is Professor Geziel Souza Mota.


The craft is made of various materials such as corn husks, fiber table, banana fiber, madeira, sandstone stone, etc, Search and rescue the local cultural values. There is a group of artisans, Itaimbé Art, which has been dedicated to the research of new craft techniques. It has the support of the Municipal Administration that gives the space for these people to meet, work and seek an alternative income to sustain the group itself.

Artistic Invernada

On the issue of group dances, Featured also recorded for this group, formed by children and adolescents. The traditionalist culture is very strong in Grande / SC Beach and throughout South Region. And it is through the development of artistic activities that seek discipline and growth of every human being which it participates.

The dance

Group is another strong endorsement in Praia Grande / SC. Under the guidance of Professor Silene Bendo, dance and choreography classes are developed with four Groups: Baby, childish, juvenile and Black Pearl (Maroons). We also recorded, Juvenile group dolls, formed by teenagers, this under the guidance of choreographer Filipi Bica.
Our artists represent very well the city, demonstrating the strength of our Art and diversity of our culture.