The Lion Baio Agency and Operator of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism is a company formed by conductors Ecotourism Sites, over 13 years of experience in driving visitors within Aparados National Parks of Serra and Serra Geral.

The story with the Ecotourism, It started within the PACE - Association conductors Grande Beach for Ecotourism, that emerged in 1998, the reopening of the National Park of the Sierra trimmers, a need IBAMA, the época, to have more people to help control visitors within the protected areas. IBAMA has Ecotourism conductor courses and First Aid for the surrounding municipalities of the Park, as: Praia Grande SC, Jacinto Machado SC and Cambara do Sul RS.

Through these courses, arose local associations Ecotourism conductors such as PACE in Praia Grande, Black Tiger in Jacinto Machado and ACONTUR in Cambara do Sul. Today, a good portion of these conductors have Ecotourism Agencies and Operators, as Lion Baio.

We Lion Baio work in partnership with some Drivers Local and also with other agencies. The Canyons are our backyard, we are proud, transparency and commitment that we are honored to lead you, your family and friends to know this little piece of paradise.

If we do not respond immediately, It is because we are on the trails. But we will respond as soon!!
Thanks !


Use our hashtag and their photos taken in Praia Grande will appear on our website.

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