OPA-Organization of People adventurous, much more than an acronym, OPA is a colloquial term often used here by the native praiagrandenses, and to say Hello, okay? Or demonstration of joy, as: Opa! tracks! Uhull!
Thanks track is an operator of Ecotourism and Adventure, with family care, natives and created at the foot of the largest canyons in Brazil, and we are here to provide the best experience, what turns, liberates and gives meaning to before, to now and then.
Ecotourism activities lead man to experience the beauty of nature in its fullness, through its integration with the environment, generating benefits for the visitor as the visited community.
In addition to the tracks packages, bathing river and waterfalls, that combine quality and safety, the service is personalized, the activities are planned and developed according to each group or individual. The enchantment is on account of the details. little treats, as objects and delicacies of local communities or a champagne toast at sunset, They attest to the visitor that he is not just another number on the reservation.
Come to venture too!

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