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The Inn Way of the Canyons is located in the municipality of Praia Grande / SC, Serra do Faxinal, next to the Canyons of the National Parks and trimmers Serra Serra Geral. The Canyon is just Itaimbezinho 15 km away from the path of Serra.
The Inn has cozy cottages and charming, that allow a lot of peace and quiet in the middle of unspoiled nature and the service is personalized and familiar. The panoramic views of the valley and coast, on the horizon, It is a sideshow, because the visual allows, inclusive, the spectacle of sunrise, Tue, the balcony of the cottages. The environment is surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and is common to see wild birds, Blue Jays as, toucans, colored tanagers, tanagers, and other wild animals.
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Q our audience

Since 2017 we are in the administration of the Canyons Inn Way.
We chose to work only with couples and so we can define our audience.

Q Reception and dining room

Our reception is at Pousada headquarters, with service every day of the week and extended hours on whatsapp.
At the reception there is a refrigerator with a variety of drinks with and without alcohol.
A coffee maker and various sweets.
And if we need a microwave, electric kettle and electric oven which is in the dining room for guest use.

Q Retired chalets

We are currently 2 renovated cottages!!
Porcelain tiles floor, and new box glass mirrors!!
An indispensable charm to receive our guests!

Q chalets

Two cabins are with values ​​from the beginning of the year, since the end of the year we will also reform them!!!
But they have good bedding and bath, TV, air conditioning and refrigerator make up the structure of the cottage.

Q Agency and Operator GROTA

We are one of the pioneers in exploring the region!
Our weekends were always in the woods, looking for a waterfall ... revealing every piece of forest.
With the passage of time, Specializing in the guide courses, conductor and first aid. Besides knowing some parks in Brazil and abroad, always we seek to improve ourselves and improve the technical guidance.
With equipment always in perfect condition, we ensure our visitors the best experience with us!

Q light hiking


Morro dos Cabritos
In Serra do Faxinal is the Morro dos Cabritos, Visually 360 °. It features a lightweight track to moderate 1,5 km (round trip) to reach the top, where one can see the entire Valley Araranguá, the Boi River Valley, the White Stone Valley, the city of Torres / RS and part of the coastal plain of the southern end of Santa Catarina.
The place is much sought after by lovers of the sunrise in the Atlantic Ocean, which offers a majestic setting.
open every day of the week
far from the Inn 7 km

White Rock
And White Stone is a "escalaminhada" amid the Atlantic Forest, approximately 1 hour and 30 minute steep, that is, need at some points, rely on ropes, until you reach the main viewpoint, the White Stone.
The walk requires breath, fitness and a lot of energy.
bring snack, repellent and sunscreen in backpack and wear a cap, closed shoes and comfortable clothes for walking.
Open every day of the Inn
distant 27 km from Pousada

Waterfall Venturas
The waterfall is about 30 meters high, in times of drought is practically no water. The trail to the waterfall has a slight degree of difficulty and scrolls through 1,5 km along a path surrounded by secondary rainforest, paddocks and banana plantations. The owners are very hospitable and, by reservation, and you pay an entrance fee to the trail.

Vertex elbow + + + Stone Lookout Secret + Black Tiger
Elbow is greater track Itaimbé ( near 3 hours roundtrip) Vertex lower track ( near 1 hour) after we follow to Canyon Fortaleza ( over 40km) there will continue walking to Lookout ( near 02:30) and then to the waterfall without Tiger Black and the river level is low, We cross to see the Secret Stone, a block 5 meters high balancing on a small rock. Ride all day, We recommend carrying snack, sunscreen.

Lookout + Black Tiger + Secret Stone
The Canyon Fortaleza has access to 23 km from Cambara do Sul
The trail of the Secret Stone, Canyon takes us to the beginning where we can see the waterfall from the Black Tiger, with a string of 4 stones, resulting in approximately 1 000m. The Secret Stone that balances curiously on a small base. Another point to note is the stone finger of God, located in the canyon bottom. The Lookout Trail takes us to the end of the fortress where we have a panoramic view of the canyon walls and the coast of the south of Santa Catarina and northern Rio Grande do Sul.

Elbow + Vertex = Itaimbézinho
On the trail of Elbow,are 6 km(total) walk through the woods of Araucaria, reaching the steep walls that make up the Canyon, It has a height of more than 700 meters and 07 km long
In tilha apex, We walk by Matinha nebular, Typical forest edges of canyons. The trail is partially sidewalk, and there are several viewpoints overlooking the waterfalls that make up the Canyon, are they: Swallows and Bride's Veil

Elbow + Vertex + Indians Crowned
The Canyon Indians Crowned is little known, but a spectacular place, easy trail. The place offers a beautiful view of its 700 meters in height to the Twin waterfall of the Indios and the valley below.

circuit Campestre + Jaguar
Waterfall Oz is in a "throat" with 30 meter high

Waterfall Borges + Pools of Malacara
Distant near 1 hour drive to the property entrance. Track medium level of difficulty, search for 30-40 minutes until the base of the waterfall. There are obstacles like hills, downhill, fallen trees, and the final stretch of stones. Arriving a water drop 70 meters, embedded in remaining primary Atlantic forest, in the area surrounding the National Park of Sierra trimmers. Delicious bath in the waterfall and its pool!

Q heavy tracks

Black tiger
This trail is located inside the Canyon Fortaleza, Tiger in Black community, city ​​of Jacinto Machado, SC.
Big cannon eroded by River Stone, whose walls resemble the walls of medieval forts, hence the origin of the name "Fortress". The trail goes through the waterfall of Piazza, traveling old roads, banana plantations and the Atlantic forest and the river bed, on pebbles, through natural pools of crystalline water, to the Hummingbird pit where you have a great view of the gigantic walls of up to a thousand meters high. The degree of difficulty is medium to high (It requires good physical conditioning). The distance of Jacinto Machado is 18 km by dirt road to the trailhead. The length of the trail is 8.200 m and is subject to accredited guide tracking

Trail Malacara
This track is performed by the riverbed Malacara and its main attractions the walls of the visa inside canyon, the abrupt escarpments of the Serra Geral and a natural pool that invites for a refreshing swim
-The length of the trail is 3 a 4 hours roundtrip;
-The total walk is approximately 4,5 km
- The walk is held most of the riverbed on uneven ground, formed by rocks of different sizes and shapes;
-During the trail you need to perform some crossings with the river water below the knees(It depends on the level of the river)
-The trail is considered a medium degree of difficulty and recommended for people in good physical condition, who do not have problems with joints, mainly ankles and knees or more;
-The trail is open every day of the week.
-The trailhead is located 11 km from Pousada,toward the Vila Rosa community

River Boi
This trail is held in the bottom of the canyon Itaimbezinho, are about 7 hour walk from inside the canyon. Most of the track is made by the stony river bed and so considered a track with high degree of difficulty. The realization of the track depends on river water level.
on the way, we passed gigantic waterfalls, natural pools, making crossings (near 20) and bathing in the crystal clear waters. We walked between the walls of Itaimbézinho!!
Required hiring accredited guide.
Taking enhanced snack, repellent and sunscreen in backpack and wear a cap, closed shoes and comfortable clothes to dry clothes in the car caminhada.Deixar for exchange.
It is essential to carry original identity document.

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