The Serra do Faxinal and the Hill of Goats also provide beautiful scenery and incredible views of the region.
The Serra do Faxinal is located between the cities of Praia Grande / SC and Cambara do Sul / RS and hidden beauties still not open to the public. The path 40 km, among the cities, crosses the Aparados da Serra National Park and becomes a scenic route with many rural landscapes, bucolic, tranquil, interspersed with green mountains, bushland and creeks.
In Serra do Faxinal is the Morro dos Cabritos, heathy, one of the highest points, Visually 360 °, considered a natural lookout. It features a lightweight track to moderate 1,5 km (round trip) to reach the top, where one can see the entire Valley Araranguá, the Boi River Valley, the White Stone Valley, the city of Torres / RS and part of the coastal plain of the southern end of Santa Catarina. fantastic visual track that can be done along with the Canyon trail of Indians Crowned by the proximity of local.
The place is much sought after by photographers and lovers of the sunrise in the Atlantic Ocean, which offers a majestic setting.


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