To access the Rio do Boi Trail, the visitor must be accompanied by drivers accredited and authorized by ICMBio.

Visits can be scheduled on your own, as well as the purchase of tickets through the website.. ( But, for the tour to take place, it is necessary that the entire path of the trail be supervised by professionals. Support seeks to ensure that experiences are safer and more relaxed.

This track is performed at the bottom of the canyon Itaimbezinho and is located in the municipality of Praia Grande / SC. It is recommended for those who already have practice trekking, Yes, they are, approximately, 7 hour walk from inside the canyon Itaimbezinho. Most of the track is made by the stony river bed and so considered a strong track difficulty. The realization of the track depends on river water level.
Access is by Praia Grande / SC, from the center of town for a track 12 km, most of unpaved road, by car, to the guardhouse Park. From there begins the walking trail, through gigantic waterfalls, natural pools, making several crossings and taking long bath in the clear waters. On this tour the scenery is fantastic, and you can interact with nature amidst the gigantic walls of the canyon.
Required hiring accredited guide. The maximum group is 12 people per guide. bring snack, repellent and sunscreen in backpack and wear a cap, closed shoes and comfortable clothes for walking. It is essential to carry original identity document.

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