This trail is part of the Serra Geral National Park and is located inside the Canyon Fortaleza, Tiger in Black community, city ​​of Jacinto Machado, SC. Also known as Macuco or Furnas Fund. Big cannon eroded by River Stone, whose walls resemble the walls of medieval forts, hence the origin of the name "Fortress". Formerly the population of Macuco (Typical bird Atlantic Forest) it was extraordinary, because of the name given by the first inhabitants of Macuco Fund. Today, a ave, as well as many other species of the Atlantic Forest, can be seen in the canyon. former residents also called the site of Furnas the occurrence of caves in the canyon walls, where they are portrayed successive basaltic flows that formed the Serra Geral. The trail goes through the waterfall of Piazza, traveling old roads, banana plantations and the Atlantic forest and the river bed, on pebbles, through natural pools of crystalline water, to the Hummingbird pit where you have a great view of the gigantic walls of up to a thousand meters high. The degree of difficulty is medium to high (It requires good physical conditioning). The distance Center Jacinto Machado It is 18km by dirt road to the trailhead. The length of the trail is 8.200m and is mandatory guide accompanying.

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