The municipality of Praia Grande / SC has great potential in tourism.

City Location

• Latitude: 29°11’48
• Longitude: 49°57’01
• Touristic region: Path of the Canyons
• Microregion: AMESC - Association of Municipalities of the Extreme South of Santa Catarina
• neighboring municipalities: São João do Sul, Jacinto Machado and Rio Grande do Sul State

Geographic characteristics

• Area: 278.58 km² (source: IBGE)
• Population: 7367 population
• Altitude: 45 m

Praia Grande / SC is located geographically at the southern end of Santa Catarina, in the micro-region of AMESC, formed by 15 counties: Araranguá, Dingy, Balneario Arroio do Silva, Balneario Seagull, maracajá, Cloudy, Meleiro, desert, South Timbe, Morro Grande, Jacinto Machado, Big beach, Santa Rosa do Sul, John South and Torres Strait.

Physical area

The urban area of ​​Grande / SC Praia occupies an area of 2,5 km² and rural 292,5 km.


The climate is humid mesothermal no dry season, hot summers and average annual temperature of 19,1 degrees C. The average annual rainfall is between 1.500 a 1.900 mm.
Located in the basin of Mampituba River's main tributaries of the rivers Canoes, Peacock, Malacara, Three brothers, Waterfall, Lion and streams Josafaz, Faxinalzinho and are Gorgonho.

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