Praia Grande / SC has almost 40% of its territory within the National Parks

National parks

Aparados National Parks of Serra and Serra Geral

Along the easternmost portion of the border between the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, there are the Aparados National Parks of Serra and Serra Geral, covering an area of ​​approximately 30 thousand hectares, distributed along the foothills of the region commonly referred to as natural Aparados da Serra, It is inserted in the Serra Geral Geological formation – hence the name of these important conservation areas. Parks cover municipalities of Praia Grande and Jacinto Machado / SC and Cambara do Sul / RS. Stands out in this regional setting a very particular geographic conformation characterized mainly by the Brazilian southern plateau, which has huge cracks in its edges, on the slope to the coastal plain with vertical walls up 700 meter high abrupt transition with the gently rolling plateau relief, as if been "trimmed" the knife. It is this particularity responsible for both the heterogeneity of ecosystems as the tourism potential of both parks, nationally and internationally known for the famous and impressive canyons located within its territorial limits.

The biggest attraction of the Sierra Aparados is Itaimbezinho canyon. Depths of up to 700m, vertical walls and narrow slit, It is one of South America's largest. Besides that, has rocky walls adorned by lush green rainforest. The Fortaleza canyon is the major attraction of the Serra Geral National Park. With more open slot, rectilinear shape and highest altitude in the culmination, provokes different sensations in the visitor, with full view of the beautiful landform.

The parks protect three basins springs, ensuring excellent quality water to the rivers of Araranguá, Mampituba and Taquari-Antas. Isolation between different ecosystems produces a unique biological richness (fields and Araucaria forest in the highlands and Atlantic forest on the slopes), because even the weather is diverse - in temperate and tropical highlands on the slopes - into one conservation unit. The high humidity and high rainfall participating in particular geological formation through erosion. Like this, the natural heritage protected by the parks is unique in the world and, therefore, international relevance.

The fauna, parks offer refuge for some endangered species, including the puma, cat of the woods and ocelot, parrots-purple-breasted, deer, and amphibians. The most common species are the graxaim (wild canídeo), the blue jay and woodpecker. The flora is home to tropical forests with a strong presence of fig and acai-jussara the slopes, while the part of the plateau is formed by a mosaic of grasslands (presence of brooms and petunias), plated (gravatá and rushes). peatland (mosses) and upland forests (strong presence of mirtáceas) araucaria. These led to the creation of the Park, in 1959, because of your death threat.

Today the forests of the Sierra Aparados have high density and abundance of pines, indicating good regeneration, and even some centenarians copies (known in the region by thick pine), remnants of those times.

It is not allowed in Aparados National Park of Serra and Serra Geral National Park:

• Pets input within the National Parks (dogs and cats);
• To camp;
• Collect biological material (vegetable or animal) or mineral without official authorization;
• Make use of fire;
• Feed the wild animals.

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