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Tourism Praia Grande – Explore the Capital of the Canyons – Santa Catarina hotels, gastronomy, tours and trails, Santa Catarina tourism. The economic base of the municipality is agriculture. also has considerable forest reserve, with rich flora and fauna, due to the National Parks located in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Besides that, Parks are part of the geological conformations of great scenic beauty and attractions such as the canyons. Within the limits of Praia Grande / SC are found 11 canyons, among which the best known are Itaimbezinho, Malacara e Churriado. The interior of the city is full of rivers and waterfalls of clear water and clear. The lush scenic beauty can be appreciated when we move along the path of Serra do Faxinal area. This whole scenario gives undisputed vocation to eco-tourism and adventure, besides integrating Praia Grande to a territory, along with other 6 counties, in strong candidate ranking the Geopark Way of South Canyons by the global network of geoparks supported by UNESCO.Praia Grande / SC is located geographically at the southern end of Santa Catarina, Micro-region of the AMESC, formed by 15 counties: Araranguá, Dingy, Balneario Arroio do Silva, Balneario Seagull, maracajá, Cloudy, Meleiro, desert, South Timbe, Morro Grande, Jacinto Machado, Big beach, Santa Rosa do Sul, John South and Torres Strait.


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