CNPJ: WOMEN 24.106.872/0001-05

The Association for Sustainable Tourism of Aparados da Serra – APARADOSTUR is a civil entity of social character and aims to support and promote the sustainable development of the Aparados da Serra region, focusing on the national parks Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral and its surroundings. It was founded in 24 June 2015 for the mobilization of the members of the Technical Chamber for the Promotion of Tourism in National Paqrues and Surrounding Areas, belonging to the Advisory Board of the National Parks of Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral.

APARADOSTUR covers the municipalities of Cambará do Sul and Mampituba in Rio Grande do Sul,Praia Grande and Jacinto Machado in Santa Catarina. The body of associates includes tourism entrepreneurs and local public entities.

Biennium Board 2018-2020

President: Alvaro Martins – Flavors of Querence – Cambara do Sul / RS
Vice president: Lia Karem Klein – Belfry Refuge – Mampituba / RS
Administrative director: Alana Dalcin – Canyons Route / Costao da Fortaleza Lodge – Big beach / SC
Commercial director: Carlos Wolff – Happiness resort – Cambara do Sul / RS
Sustainability Director: Cicero Costa Santos – emate – Mampituba / RS


CNPJ nº: 19.335.395/0001-01

The Praiagrandense Association of Tourism Entrepreneurs – APETUR – It was founded in 20 from May of 2013 for the mobilization of tourism entrepreneurs in the city of Praia Grande / SC with the objective of coming together to strengthen the tourist destination and give greater representation to the sector. APETUR aims to organize, to assist and represent the businessmen that make up the productive chain of tourism in Praia Grande and region, with a view to defending their interests and demanding from the public and private authorities the execution of measures that ensure favorable conditions for the development of their business activities. The association came up with 23 founding companies and in August 2013 its 1st Action Plan was prepared through a workshop, in a participative way. Some actions of the Association: Preparation of the 1st Tourist Map of the Municipality of Praia Grande in 2013, Mutirão to revitalize the Guarita do Rio do Boi in 2014, Support for municipal events, Get-togethers between partners.

President: Elizabeth Zanfir – Two Canyons Portal
Vice president: Boni Iridium – Valley of the Canyons Tourist Horseback
Secretary: Alana Dalcin – Canyons Route Tourism / Costao da Fortaleza Lodge
2º Secretary: Debt Mattos – abode of the canyons
treasurer: Silvia Guimaraes – Da Bugra Ecoturismo
2º Treasurer: Pedro Nunes – A Casa Rosa


The Praiagrandense Association of Drivers for Ecotourism was founded in the year of 1998 and since then it has given voice and representation to local ecotourism drivers. Over the years, he had several ways of acting in society, but he was always present, participating or promoting events, meetings, symposia, speeches, courses, environmental education, etc.
Today, with a new dress, continues to seek to represent members before the Municipal Government and National Parks so that this category fits better and, consequently, better serve our visitors.

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