There are indications that the region, especially the slopes of the mountain, already in 1730 known to be traveled and, through trails, by Indians hunters, by slave traders and the drovers taking and bringing goods. This was, the época, the only track drovers, but there were many shortcuts in the woods traversed by Indians or people with extensive knowledge of forests and backcountry.


Only later, around 1860, It is gone the shortcut for freighters, and were the first sugar mills. They were powered human arm, then by oxen and later by water wheels. And for over a century and a half the sugar mills, along with the manioc flour mills, They moved the economy.


In 1910 had many mills producing sugar, brown sugar, molasses and brandy, considered important goods to sell to drovers. On this route we were settling various business houses and also emerged atafonas, rice peelers, tanneries, selarias, sawmills and even a wooden shoe factory.


In 1943 It was created Praia Grande district, who went to a town, year it was open to general road Nereu Ramos and transport began to be powered.


The settlement of this headquarters started from 1917. The first chapel was made in 1918, near the river. Because of the new street layout, there was the change of the church to the square, opposite the place of that currently exists. He commissioned the image of San Sebastian, patron of the city, in 1919.


In 1943 It was created Praia Grande district, who went to a town, year it was open to general road Nereu Ramos and transport began to be powered.


In 1976 It began the official opening of the road Serra do Faxinal, connecting the towns of Praia Grande / SC and South / RS Cambara. And in early April 1981, precariously, already gave way to the first cars and trucks.


And his political emancipation took place in 19 July 1958. The population is Portuguese origin, but on the outskirts settled some nuclei of Spanish origin, German, Italian, Polish and African. The junction of these people is formed, today, its population.
Praia Grande / SC is a small town at the foot of the mountain and only 35 km do mar, at the southern end of Santa Catarina, located in the vicinity of the National Parks and trimmers Serra Serra Geral. Affectionately is called by its inhabitants PK, due to the ancient city of license plates are identified by the letters PK. Unlike its name, It is a city that has no beach and is not great. It was baptized with that name because the old drovers coming down the mountain, coming from Rio Grande do Sul, to market their products here were one of their rest stops of men and troops, the shade of leafy trees and on the banks of the river Mampituba, that divides the two southern states of the country. How is a river of crystal clear water and has a large sprawling of boulder, They began to call the place of Praia Grande.

The economic base of the municipality is agriculture. also has considerable forest reserve, with rich flora and fauna, due to the National Parks located in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Besides that, Parks are part of the geological conformations of great scenic beauty and attractions such as the canyons. Within the limits of Praia Grande / SC are found 11 canyons, among which the best known are Itaimbezinho, Malacara e Churriado. The interior of the city is full of rivers and waterfalls of clear water and clear.

1. Canyon Josafaz

2. Canyon are Gorgonho

3. Canyon Faxinalzinho

4. Canyon Itaimbezinho

5. Indios Canyon Coroados

6. Canyon Waters Coconut

7. Canyon Malacara

8. Canyon Churriado

9. Canyon do Rio Seco

10. Canyon River Lion

11. Owl Canyon

The lush scenic beauty can be appreciated when we move along the path of Serra do Faxinal area. This whole scenario gives undisputed vocation to eco-tourism and adventure, besides integrating Praia Grande to a territory, along with other 6 counties, in strong candidate ranking the Geopark Way of South Canyons by the global network of geoparks supported by UNESCO.

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