What is a Geopark?

It is an area with well-defined limits that contains a certain number of geological sites of scientific importance, rarity and beauty, adding archaeological value, ecological, historical and cultural.

The geopark project is recognized and evaluated by the Global Geoparks Network and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Science and Culture).

What is the purpose of a geopark?

Provide support to Regional Development, economic and environmentally sustainable, especially through the Geoturismo.



Preserve and conserve the heritage



Fostering sustainable development alternatives and appreciate the local culture


Environmental education

Educate on geological and environmental issues

According to the UNESCO, the construction of a geopark project must necessarily involve the entire community participation: government agencies, social organizations, education and extension institutions and the private sector.

What is Geopark Project of South Canyons and which the proposed area?

It is an effort of the whole local community to implement the principles proposed by UNESCO in the territory formed by 7 municipalities that preserve important elements of geological heritage that tell the history of the earth and evolution of life on Earth.

Santa Catarina

1 – Jacinto Machado
2 – Morro Grande
3 – Big beach
4 – South Timbe


Total area: 2.830 km²

Rio Grande do Sul

1 – Cambara do Sul
2 – Mampituba
3 – Torres

What our potential?

– The largest Latin American Canyons;
– Aparados National Parks of Serra and Serra Geral, Atlantic Forest Reserve of the Biosphere, WHAT Rota do Sol, State Parks of mullet, Guardhouse and Itapeva;
– beaches, lagos, dunas, rios, cliffs, mirantes, furnas, trails and scenic beauty;
– Plurality of cultural attractions with rich festive calendar and hospitable people;
– rural tourism, ecological, adventure, contemplation, scientific, cultural, among others;
– geological elements that tell the past of Earth and Life representing rich material for scientific study and contemplation of places that allow us to reflect on this with other perspectives, especially, towards a sustainable future;
– Cultural diversity, biodiversity and geodiversity;
– archaeological sites, paleontological;
– Geosites certified by the Geological Survey of Brazil.

What Geosites not been inventoried
Geopark project Paths of South Canyons

Geosites inventoried by the Geological Survey of Brazil. FONT: Adapted from the South Canyons Paths report – Proposal (RS/SC). CPRM, 2011.

Geosites are visible elements occur where diversity of geological and / or geomorphology, to present unique value from a scientific point of view, pedagogical, cultural, tourist, and Geological Heritage is the set of inventoried and characterized geosite a particular area or region (SHINES, 2005). An inventory of geosites is never ending. As scientific knowledge advances, certain events that had no importance may acquire, giving (re)start a new inventory.

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Geopark creates environmental laws or make restrictions on the use and occupation of land?

Not. Geopark is a BRAND assigned by UNESCO to areas that have geological heritage of scientific importance, rarity and beauty and applying the concept of protection, education and sustainable development in an integrated manner.
UNESCO does not interfere and does not impose legal regulations on the use of teritório in countries where Geoparks.

Geoparks in the world where there are?

Geoparks that are part of the UNESCO World program (Red dots on the map).

Where there Geoparks in Brazil?

currently, No brazil, there is only one – o Araripe Geopark, located in Ceará, you can meet visiting the site But there are several Geoparks projects underway in Brazil, Geoparks called aspirants, as shown in the map prepared by the Geological Survey of Brazil / CPRM.

How can you contribute to the Geopark project path of the southern canyons?

– Protecting our geological heritage and our biodiversity;
– Valuing our culture;
– Respecting the ethnic groups living in our territory, such as indigenous peoples and quilombo community;
– Adopting environmentally friendly attitudes and principles of sustainability;
– Treating and tourists.

Want to know more?

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