The canyonismo is the "Descent of streams usually in canyons, no vessel, transposition with water hazards, horizontal or vertical. " (ABNT). This fall the participant crosses waterfalls, jumps, slides and other natural obstacles using various scanning techniques - such as abseiling, fluctuation, diving and jumping. The canyonismo is to follow the path traced by a watercourse within a canyon, from its beginning to its end, which may include, or not, waterfalls descents.
In canyonismo the practitioner follows the bed of the path of a river, using the appropriate techniques and equipment to bypass all the obstacles that appear, like waterfalls, rapids and wells. It must be inside of swimming techniques, abseiling and zip line. The more knowledge, lower the risk.
The excitement and adrenaline is the biggest attraction for practitioners who fell for the exploration of canyons.
Contrary to what some think, the canyonismo or canyoning is an extremely safe sport, using high-tech equipment and performance.
The canyonismo is one of the tourist attractions in Praia Grande / SC, a Capital dos Canyons, offered more adventurous.

we have 3 canyonismo itineraries offered by specialized operators in this adventure tourism option:

  • The pathway Newcomer
  • Pathway Coffee
  • A via do harsh

The companies provide all the material and equipment needed for the descent.

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