The Canyons Green is an agency / operator specializing in Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism, operating in the region of the Sierra Aparados, where they are concentrated the great canyons of southern Brazil
In our activities, we seek to promote the unique experiences visitors, exceeding their expectations.
The Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism activities are carried out with appropriate equipment and qualified drivers and guides, members of the local drivers association and accredited to the National Park. We understand that visitor satisfaction, It is closely related to the safety of activities and quality of services.
We are based in the city of Praia Grande / SC, which is located next to the cliffs of the Serra Geral, near the interior of the canyon. We develop activities throughout the region Aparados Sierra and presented roadmaps for different audiences.

Our target audience are young-minded people and nature lovers!

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Use our hashtag and their photos taken in Praia Grande will appear on our website.

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