The Canyons and Peraus operator appeared in 2008 through the floor of passion for this region. We provide services which prioritize the quality, grounded in a years of work experience in tracking visitors.

Q Via Beginner (Level Easy / Courageous)

As in abseiling in waterfall, the canyonismo takes the visitor down the sequence usually followed waterfalls of small pools using the aid of ropes and safety equipment.

For this script we move about 16 km drive to the top of the first waterfall that has 15 meters and, thereafter, the waterfalls are very close to each other with a maximum distance 05 minute walk. The least of which is the height of 5 meters and most have 25 meters high. Easy access and the low height of the waterfalls enable this script can be done safely by children from 12 years.
Level: Moderate / Courageous Length: 03 hours
This tour is a great joke in nature yet in the end there is the surprise of a natural pool for swimming.

Q Via Cafe (mid-level / Adventurer)

The Coffee Canyonismo is the descent of nine waterfalls already prepared for rappelling. The range of waterfalls 15 a 40 meters height.

The output is around 9 am, near the 13 hours we stopped for a snack and get some sun and ended up near the 16 hours.

We provide all necessary equipment for the descent equipment including wetsuits for rappelling.

The script is ideal for adventurers on duty.

Level: Moderate / Adventurer Length: 07 hours

Q Via do harsh (difficult level / Sportsman)

This pathway consists of the descent 10 where waterfalls, among them, There are waterfalls 85, 60 e 100 meters high, but with great care and experience can make a very careful descent. This, no doubt, is a memorable experience and the waterfalls are wonderful.

This tour begins with a long car travel to the farm where the cars are parked, Walk-around 1 hour from the farm to the beginning of the waterfalls, which are in the following time sequence: 85m, 8m, 50m, 30m, 5m, 100m, 20m, 35m, 60m e 15m. The last rappel down to the car is about 1 hour walk. At the end of the activity will be within the Canyon of Josafas, in Whitestone community, so so 30 km of Praia Grande.

Level: Sportsman / Adventurer Length: 10 hours.


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